Web and Graphics design services

Website design

Business online is booming. The amount of people who turn to the web to find services and products is growing rapidly. And with the number of mobile users on the rise, the amount of money spent online will continue to grow.

Over the years, IT-Helpdesk has helped numerous companies with their computer support and maintenance, and it’s through this experience that we know just how much a website can compliment a business.

Those of you without a website could be missing out on hundreds of potential customers every year due to limited online presence.

This is where our team of experienced web designers come in.  We will arrange an initial consultation to discuss the website requirements, functionality and the design process we follow.

Our expertise includes:

·         E-Commerce stores

·         Blogs

·         Single page websites

·         Small business websites

·         Corporate websites

·         Hosting

·         Domains

·         Email set up

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Once you have a website in place, the next step is to generate some traffic to it. After all, what good is a website if no one is looking at it?

We offer several types of marketing campaigns, all of which are tailored and tweaked to fit your own business requirements.

A great way to start your marketing campaign is through increasing your visibility on search engines such as Google. We have several techniques which will help you maximize your exposure and pave the way for more visitors in the future.

One of the more popular choices is our SEO packages. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and describes the process professionals use to increase a websites rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By increasing the rank of your site, you will stand a better chance of being seen in the vast sea of competitor’s websites selling similar services.

We also have expertise in the implementation of PPC campaigns. PPC is short for pay per click and is a type of advertising in which you pay for each visitor that clicks on an advert linked to your website.

Analytics and Crunching Visitor Data

To measure the success of any marketing campaign, we set up a tracking code on your website that will allow us to check important data about visitors.

This data will typically includes information on how they came to your site, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, and purchases made, plus geographical information.

All of these statistics can be utilized to improve conversion rates and troubleshoot any usability issues people are running into.

Graphics Design

IT-HelpDesk has a dedicated graphic design team, whose aim is to create stunning graphics for you and your business. We specialise in creating fully responsive and beautiful websites layout designs, which aim to be simple but also very effective in their message. 

We also deal with branding and rebranding projects, including creating contemporary and bespoke logos, which we then use to create letterheads, business cards, leaflets, and posters, basically anything you desire.

Here at IT-HelpDesk, both our graphic services and website design services work side-by-side, complementing each other and providing joined-up solutions for all our clients. By working together from the first stages, we can ensure everything we do combine simply and effectively, adding extra force to your overall marketing and communication mix.


So, we can ensure a website complements a brochure, ties into an advertising campaign and all the text, images and visual styles are on message and on brand. In short, by working together, we make your brand go much further.